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In July, 2011, QAE gratefully accepted an invitation to partner with the world renowned TROX to distribute their range of products in Australia. QAE is proud to have been nominated as “Exclusive Distributor.” QAE stocks an extensive range of TROX products that are ready on demand in our warehouse facilities located in Chipping Norton NSW and Belmont WA. With an exciting range of products from TROX, together with QAE’s current and constantly expanding range of products, QAE looks forward to fulfilling all of its customers’ needs both now and well into the future.

To enquire about TROX products or discuss products not currently listed on our website, please email: sales@qualityair.com.au or call +61 (02) 9724 9297 (NSW)

saleswa@qualityair.com.au or call +61 (08) 9303 2338 (WA)