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QAE 20th Anniversary Catalogue

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The New TROX Easy Product Finder


The Easy Product Finder from TROX has become a vital tool in the building services engineering industry. The intuitive user concept is user-friendly. Users are given the ability to freely design and configure individual work areas. Keyboard entries and shortcuts allow users to work faster.

Apart from additional product groups now available in the Easy Product Finder, such as TROX control systems, LABCONTROL and the air terminal devices from TROX HESCO Switzerland, the navigation and handling of Easy Product Finder have also been enhanced.
The improved direct access to the product selection and project structure, the easy adding and changing of project items, the newly integrated product search for quick designing, and the completely revised interactive room wizard ‑ now for control systems also ‑ permit fast, reliable, and innovative work.
Once the project design has been created, a bill of material with all designed products, including essential technical data, can be created, exported and downloaded.

Price information can also be called up by accessing TROX NET.

  • Conditions of use for Easy Product Finder
    TROX GmbH confirms that the current TROX Easy Product Finder software (EPF) and its updates can be downloaded and used free of cost.
    This licence is not exclusive. TROX GmbH retains all rights to work on and modify the software.
  • Operating system support
    The following operating systems are supported:
    – Windows XP SP3
    – Windows 7
    Note: If you have not yet installed .NET-Framework 4.0, you will be informed during the setup of Easy Product Finder and be able to perform the installation.
  • Compatibility and support of the previous version:
    We recommend that you use the new Easy Product Finder 2 so that you are always up-to-date.
    Please note that your previous project files are not compatible for use in the new Easy Product Finder 2. Support for Easy Product Finder 1.x will cease at the end of 2012.In addition, you can use the Internet version of the following programs.
  • Acoustic calculation

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