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Quality Air Equipment Commercial Projects Team

Our product and project management group combine extensive product knowledge with strong customer relationships. These qualities enable our team to select or develop a range of product solutions for the mechanical installation.

Commercial Project Manager – Peter Simpson

In excess of 40 years in the HVAC Industry with extensive experience in the Design, Selection, Manufacture and Installation of Equipment associated with the Domestic, Commercial and Automotive Air Conditioning applications.

Working with Quality Air Equipment for the past 5 years as Commercial Project Manager with responsibility of TROX Products and Commercial Projects.

Project Engineer – Zaki Khaja

Zaki holds a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.

Prior to joining QAE as a project engineer in 2015, Zaki worked with TROX as technical sales manager where he worked on several large scale commercial and healthcare projects of multinational companies. He worked in various departments including manufacturing, R&D, Q&A and Sales at TROX in China, Malaysia and India.

Zaki has extensive knowledge about the HVAC systems and products, notably of the systems requiring pressure and temperature control in research laboratories, universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, clean rooms etc.

Zaki takes advantage of his product and system expertise, combined with his excellent interpersonal skills, to develop business for QAE in Sydney and other major regions in Australia.

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