Constant Volume Dampers Type ‘VFL’


Circular, mechanical self-powered controllers for insertion into ducting, for the quick and easy balancing of constant volume flow rates in ventilation and air conditioning systems

  • Unique damper blade edge for acoustic optimisation
  • Simple and quick commissioning on site
  • Range of volume flow rate setpoints for each nominal size
  • Precise and simple setting of volume flow rates using a scale
  • Best accuracy among controllers for insertion
  • Suitable for low airflow velocities from 0.8 m/s
  • Any installation orientation; maintenance-free
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Product Information

  • Ready-to-commission limiter
  • Damper blade with low-friction bearings
  • Bellows that acts as an oscillation damper
  • Leaf spring
  • Lip seal
  • Multi-level volume flow rate setpoint values

  • Circular casing
  • Suitable for insertion into circular ducts to EN 1506 or EN 13180
  • Lip seal for tight and secure fit
  • Acoustically optimised damper blade with low-friction bearings and special bellows
  • Different damper blade construction and volume flow rate sticker for nominal size 150

  • Casing and damper blade made of high-quality plastic, to UL 94, V0; to DIN 4102, material classification B2
  • Leaf spring made of stainless steel
  • Polyurethane bellows

Hygiene conforms to VDI 6022

Maintenance-free as construction and materials are not subject to wear