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LINEARJET™ Ceiling Diffuser

Linearjet™ has a modern style that subtly enhances the decor of your room.
A removable central decor panel available in different colours allows you to customise Linearjet™ to suit your home.

Innovative Airflow

Being the first of its kind in Australia the new Linearjet’s™ computer aided design ensures a high-performance diffuser with ultra-quiet operation.
Linearjet™ was designed to meet the most demanding standards, made from strong ABS with excellent airflow rates, Linearjet™ is suitable for all domestic and commercial heating and refrigerated cooling.

LINEARJET™ For Every Room

Reflective decor panels are sold separately allowing you to interchange different colours for the different rooms of your home.
  • The removable decor panel allows for a strong downward airflow maximising the effectiveness of warming and cooling your home.
  • Removable decor panel allows easy access for airflow adjustment.
  • Removable decor panel allows access for easy cleaning.

Three modern colours:

Linearjet™ comes with a standard clip-in/clip-out decor panel, but is also
available in 3 other modern “glass look” colours:


Stirling Splashback



Royal Almond



Miami White



200Dia DIFFUSER ONLY $10.00 + GST

CALL US NOW : 1300 000 QAE

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