Curved Blade 3-Way Blow Diffusers

QPRO Curved Blade Diffuser

General Information

  • Product Code: CBD
  • Powder coated white as standard
  • Special colours available upon request
  • Made to order
  • Australian Made

Product Information


The QPRO Curved Blade Diffuser is Australian made. Suitable for heating, cooling or evaporative air distribution. Commonly used in ceiling or side wall applications where positive direction control is required. Available in both fixed and removable core. Individual adjustable blades make it easy to be closed off, avoiding draughts without the expense of any volume control dampers.



Curved Blade Diffuser shall be QAE Model CBD from extruded aluminium sections. Hairline mitred joints mechanically held. Diffusers shall be a powder coat finish. Diffusers shall be fitted with accessories where required by QAE.