Australian Made Flexible Duct

Supaflex Polyester Insulated Flexible Duct RM 1.0


IF6R1P 150 R1.0 6
IF8R1P 200 R1.0 6
IF10R1P 250 R1.0 6
IF12R1P 300 R1.0 6
IF14R1P 350 R1.0 6
IF16R1P 400 R1.0 6
IF18R1P 450 R1.0 6
IF20R1P 500 R1.0 6

Product Information

Our Supaflex flexible duct products are Australian Made and meet Australian Standards AS4254 & AS 4859.1 as detailed below:
AS4254 as required by building code is achieved if the “product” satisfies the following 9 UL tests.
*UL181 Mould Growth test.
*UL181 Burning test.
*UL181 Temperature test
*UL181 Puncture test.
*UL181 Impact test.
*UL181 Static load test.
*UL181 Pressure test.
*UL181Collapse test.
*UL181 Tension test.
*AS1530 part3 “Fire Performance” test.
*Ignitability Index =0
*Spread Of Flame Index = 0
*Smoke Development Index < 3
AS4859.1 Thermal Insulation test for R – Value.