Displacement Diffusers Type ‘QSH ● ISH’


Displacement flow diffusers with bell-shaped, low turbulence air discharge in cooling mode

  • Nominal sizes 250, 355, 450, 560 mm
  • Volume flow rate range 205 – 1570 l/s or 738 – 5652 m³/h
  • Casing made of galvanised sheet steel
  • For variable and constant volume flows
  • Installation either free hanging or on walls or pillars
  • Low-turbulence displacement ventilation
  • Discharge direction can be adjusted manually or with an actuator
  • Chain pull for adjusting the discharge direction manually


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Product Information

Optional equipment and accessories

  • Exposed diffuser parts in RAL CLASSIC colours
  • Electric and thermal actuators for adjusting the air discharge direction
  • Bowden cable for adjusting the discharge direction manually
  • Wall mount

  • Perforated sheet metal casing
  • Air control disc to control the air discharge direction
  • Top entry spigot for connection to a vertical duct

  • Chain pull for manual adjustment, approx. 2.0 m
  • B: Bowden cable for manual adjustment, approx. 2.8 m
  • E*: Electric actuator
  • T: Thermal actuator

  • W00: Wall mount
  • K00: Chain fixing
  • WK0: Wall mount and chain fixing

  • Spigot suitable for circular ducts to EN 1506 or EN 13180

  • Casing with base plate, cross bar and air control disc made of galvanised sheet steel
  • Chain pull made of galvanised steel
  • Pulley wheels made of plastic, UL 94, V-0, flame retardant
  • B: Hand lever made of galvanised steel, Bowden cable made of galvanised steel and with PE sheath
  • P0: Powder-coated RAL 9010, pure white
  • P1: Powder-coated, RAL CLASSIC colour

  • Sound power level of the air-regenerated noise measured according to EN ISO 5135

  • Maintenance-free as construction and materials are not subject to wear
  • Inspection and cleaning to VDI 6022