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Quality Air Equipment is pleased to announce the release of our new range of Qline6 and Qline8 Zone Touchpads. The new range is fully compatible with Qline 24 Volt Motorised Zone Dampers.

The main advantage of the new Touchpads is the connection to the zone damper through the Main Control Module (MCM). This will allow usage of up to 8 controllers at the same time. The MCM can be programmed to select individual zones available for individual touchpads and enables users to program the Spill Function to a particular zone.

The new touchpads are connected to the Main Control Module (MCM) with RJ45, 8pin cable and the dampers are connected to the MCM via RJ12, 6pin cable.

Our current range of 4 Zone touchpad controllers are still available for purchase in 24 Volt as well as 240 Volt zone dampers.

Qline Motorised Zone Dampers range consists of seven sizes: 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 and 450 Dia.

Features include:

• Housed motors (Yellow) 24Volt and (Red) 240 Volt for convenience
• 3.5NM Torque motor
• Additional blade support, sealed joints (no rivets, no spot welds)
• Insulated casing and sealed joints which eliminate air leakages
• Dual earth cable option (240V)
• 5 year warranty for motors in a domestic application
• 1 year warranty for commercial applications


For more information send an email to sales@qualityair.com.au

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