Vary Control VAV Box Type ‘TVL’

Equipment features and characteristics

• TROX Vary Control VAV type ‘TVL’ volume flow control unit is suitable_

for variable or constant air volume control

• Multiple aerofoil blade

• Suitable for small or large supply or extract air volumes

• Electronic volume flow control

• Differential pressure range 20 Pa to 1000 Pa

• Electric or hot water coil heating facilities are available

• TVL units can be operated with any DDC, electronic or pneumatic VAV controller

• TVL units are suitable for an airflow ranging from 45 l/s to 10,100 l/s_

A typical airflow accuracy of ± 5% depending on the airflow rate and Type of controller used

• The unit is tested to:

– ISO 5220 for “Aerodynamic testing and rating of constant and variable dual or single units”

– ISO 3741 for “Determination of sound levels of noise sources – Precision methods for broad-band sources in reverberation rooms”

– The insulation material is tested to BS 470:Part 6 and 7 and is classified as Class ‘O’ under the British Building Regulations

Product Information

Casing Construction
• The casing is made from 1mm thick galvanised sheet steel with and acoustic rectangular inlet spigot fitted with a complete aluminium multipoint airflow measuring grid. The TVL VAV unit is fitted with an aerofoil shaped blade.
• VAV Box Size Selections available from 200 x 200 to 1000 x 1000 with air flow rates of 45 l/s to 10100 l/s

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