Single Duct VAV Boxes Type ‘TVB’

TROX VARYCONTROL terminal boxes type TVB is suitable for volume flow control of supply air in VAV systems. These are terminal boxes with circular inlet spigot and a larger, rectangular outlet section.

Terminal boxes are used in VAV systems with a high level of technical and acoustic requirements. Different versions allow appropriate selection of terminals to meet project-specific control requirements. The heating requirements in the outer zones of an air-conditioned building can be covered with an electric heater. The air diffusers can be connected directly to a multiple outlet box to save branch ducting and installation costs


Product Information

• Pressure independent control.
• Plastic components are fire retardant to UL 94.
• Comes with damper tip seal.
• With semi rigid and fire retardant fibre glass insulation.
• Fibre glass insulation is covered with a protec tive lining to prevent fibre erosion. This was successfully tested against fibre erosion for up to 30 m/s.
• Fitted with multi-point sensor grid for better air flow measurement accuracy.
• Terminal units that are supplied with actuators and controllers will be fully factory calibrated and tested for air flow accuracy within a tolerance of ± 3%. This terminal unit is available in five different variants;

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