Series Fan Terminal Units Type ‘TFP’

Series flow fan powersd terminals offer enhanced space comfort and flexibility In a wide variety of applications.

Considerable operating savings can be achieved through the recovery af waste heat,reduced central fan horsepower requirements and night setback operation.lROX Tennlnal Boxes Type ”TFP” take primary and induced air and mix the two thoroughly to provide a constant air supply to the oc­ cupied zone af the building.Totalflow to the diffuser Is kept substantially constant thus giving very good air distribution even with high turn down of the primary air volume.

A pressure independent controlof the primary VAV damper is accomplished by use af a differential pressure grid which gives accurate controlaf air flow even with a goo bend on the inlet spigot.Mixing between the primary airstr8am and the induced warm air from the ceiling void is by a forward curved blade centrifugal fan with direct drive motor.

TROX Series Fan Tenninal Boxes are eminently suitable for low temperature air applications.If the supply air tempera­ ture Is low,then the fan volume flow rate must be higher than the primary air volume flow rate to ensure suitable air temperature at the diffuser.The design af the type TFP ensures that at 100 % primary air,sulftclent Induced air Is mixed with the primary air so that the air discharged has a conventional cooling differential which will not cause draught problems In the space being conditioned.The primary air damper can also be fully shut,with 100 % recirculated or induced air.

Product Information


• Pressure independent control
• Plastic components are fire retardant to UL 94.
• Comes with damper tip seal.
• With semi rigid and fire retardant fibre glassinsulation.
• Fibre glass insulation is covered with a protective lining to prevent fibre erosion. This was successfully tested against fibre erosion for up to 30 m/s.
• Fitted with multi-point sensor grid for better air flow measurement

Terminal units that are supplied with actuators and controllers will be fully factory calibrated and tested for air flow accuracy within a tolerance of ± 3%.
• Constant air flow at the fan discharge outlet.
• As optional extras, the unit can be supplied with;
a. Disposable filter panel at air induction port.
b. Electric air heater(s).

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