Parallel Type Fan Assisted VAV Box Type ‘TCP’

The TCP VAV unit is typically used in systems that require perimeter heating in winter of supplementary cooling in certain occupied zones. It consists of two major components, a primary air damper and a secondary air induction indoor fan. A pressure independent control of the primary VAV damper is accomplished by using a differential pressure grid which provides an accurate control of air flow. Mixing between the primary air and the induced warm recirculated air from the ceiling void is achieved by means of a forward-curved centrifugal fan with a direct drive motor. For winter operations, the induction fan provides an economical way of utilizing the recycled heat generated by inner zone. The fan transfers the recycled heat from inner zone to the perimeter zone utilising the returned air from ceiling void or rooms. Cycling of the fan results in energy savings as activation is only required when required in a specific zone. Placement of the fan is critical to ensure the desired occupant comfort levels. Hot water coil or electric heater for secondary heating is available. All controllers or electrical components are factory fitted and VAV controller is factory calibrated.

Product Information



– Circular primary air spigot suitable for ducts to DIN 24 145 or DIN 24 146; rectangular secondary and supply air outlets connection

– Mounting brackets for unit support

– Bottom access panel for fan maintenance

– Leakage flow rate to Class II, VDI 3803 or DIN 24 194, Part 2

Volume Control


– Primary volume flow range 100% to 10%

– Averaging differential pressure grid with multi-point sensor for accurate measurement

– Working pressure range 20 to 1500 Pa

– Blade airtight seal to DIN EN 1751, class 4

– Factory volume setting and aerodynamic testing of each unit

Fan and Motor

– centrifugal fan with direct drive motor

– alternatively available with AC motor to achieve 3-step regulation for motor speed depending on actual temperature difference signal

Reheat coil

– for reheat of supply air

– galvanized sheet steel casing, with flanges at both ends

– copper tubes and aluminum fins; one or two row

– factory fitted

– maximum operating pressure 20 bar


– galvanized sheet steel casing

– casing lined with attenuating glass wool (thickness of 25mm), conforming to Class “O” fire rating

– galvanized sheet steel damper blade with EPDM seal

– aluminium alloy sensor tubes

– polyurethane bearings

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