Constant Volume Dampers Type ‘VCD’

The TROX Type VCDNCPNCE damper is a multi-leaf volume control designed for the purpose of controlling air flow and pressure in low and medium pressure HVAC systems.

The standard VCD damper construction comes with parallel blade arrangement with face linkage. However, external linkage with either parallel or opposed blade arrangement is also available as alternatives.

The damper blades are formed single skin construction with grooved blade tips to provide an interlocking blade closure. Side seals and blade tip seals as per Seal Variant ‘C2’ can be provided if required for maintaining a low closed blade leakage rating to Class 11 of UL 555S Standard. Refer to page 9 of this catalogue for more information.

Product Information

• Available in galvanised or stainless steel construction.
• Available with either parallel or opposed blade arrangement.
• Available with three different seal variants;
1. C – Without side or tip seal
2. C1 – With side seals only
3. C2 – With side and tip seal for improve closed blade leakage rating
• Can be supplied with hand locking quadrant or with either electric or pneumatic actuator.
Minimum module size: 100 mm x 100 mm
Maximum module size: 1200 mm x 1800 mm

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