Constant Volume Dampers Type ‘SLC‘

The TROX Type SLC damper is a multi-leaf volume control with aerofoil blades, set in ann opposed blade arrangement. It is designed for air flow regulation and control. If low closed blade leakage performance is required, it is advisable to consider using the C2 variant, which comes with tip and side seals

This damper can be operated either manually with a hand locking quadrant or, automatically with the aid of an electric or pneumatic actuator(s) if required

Product Information

• Ideal for air flow balancing or regulation.
• Low pressure drop (e.g., ΔP of 10 Pa at 10 m/s in fully open position when the damper is connected to ductwork at both ends).
• Low damper leakage rate with C2 seal variant (i.e., about 25 l/s/ m sq. at 1000 Pa).
• 30 mm wide flange (Standard supply).

Casing – Galvanised steel
Blades – Extruded aluminium
Minimum module size: 100 mm x 100 mm
Maximum module size: 1000 mm x 1000 mm

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