Swirl Diffuser Type ‘FD24’

The TROX ‘FD600/24’ High Flow Swirl Diffuser is designed to fit into a standard 600 mm square ceiling tile with 24 fixed blades and comes with either square or round face. It comes in only ONE size. But it can be supplied with blanking plates fitted to the rear of the diffuser face to reduce the air flow rate if required. This diffuser is designed to provide a radial air flow discharge pattern with high induction flow rate.


Product Information

The diffuser face can be detached from the plenum box by removing the screw at the centre of the face. The screw head is fitted with a decorative cap to match the standard colour of the diffuser face, which is in matt white to RAL 9010. The plenum box can be supplied with either a top or side entry spigot. A volume control damper to the inlet spigot and internal lining of the plenum box can be provided as optional extras. For T-bar ceiling, the face size will be 595 mm by 595 mm


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