Swirl Diffuser Type ‘AIRNAMIC’


Circular and square ceiling swirl diffusers with fixed air control blades, for high volume flow rates at low sound power levels and low differential pressure due to innovative polymer technology

  • Nominal sizes 300, 400, 600, 625
  • Volume flow rate range 13 – 385 l/s or 47 – 1386 m³/h
  • Plastic diffuser face with overlapping, three-dimensionally profiled blades, for the most efficient swirl and high induction
  • For supply and extract air
  • For variable and constant volume flows
  • For all types of ceiling systems, and with an extended border also suitable for freely suspended installation
  • Diffuser face with gently sloped, flat border – only 3 mm high
  • Plenum box with acoustically optimised and lockable damper blade
  • Ideal for comfort zones

Optional equipment and accessories

  • Exposed diffuser face available in RAL CLASSIC colours

Product Information


  • AIRNAMIC-Q: Square diffuser face
  • AIRNAMIC-R: Circular diffuser face
  • AIRNAMIC-*-Z: Supply air
  • AIRNAMIC-*-A: Extract air



  • Horizontal duct connection


Parts and characteristics

  • Square or circular diffuser face, made of plastic, with three-dimensionally profiled blades
  • Damper blade for volume flow rate balancing, can be set in 15° intervals between 0 and 90°
  • Spigot with double lip seal
  • Simple installation of the diffuser face due to central fixing screw with decorative cap


Construction features

  • Spigot suitable for circular ducts to EN 1506 or EN 13180
  • Spigot with double lip seal


Materials and surfaces

  • Diffuser face, spigot and damper blade made of ABS plastic, UL 94, V-0, flame retardant
  • Plenum box and cross bar made of galvanised sheet steel
  • X: Plenum box made of plastic and galvanised sheet steel
  • Equalising element made of synthetic fibre
  • Double lip seal made of rubber
  • Diffuser face coated RAL 9010, pure white
  • P1: Coated, RAL CLASSIC colour


Standards and guidelines

  • Sound power level of the air-regenerated noise measured according to EN ISO 5135



  • Maintenance-free as construction and materials are not subject to wear
  • Inspection and cleaning to VDI 6022

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